Jelato for All installation
Jelato for All, installation view

Jelato for All

25 May — 3 July 2019

Oh, you want me to go to your ART OPENING? Oh thanks for letting me know, yeah actually I’ll try to make it, I’ve been really busy lately but I’m trying to get out more because I feel bad for missing so many great shows and it would be nice to hang out, I’ve always really liked your work and I want to support my community… Hey, SORRY but I’m running a little late to go to your OPENING I’m still going to try to make it though. OH WOW, IT ENDED AT 8PM? OK that seems kind of EARLY but I guess I should have checked the Facebook announcement where it’s clearly indicated that the opening was from 6:00–8:00. Sorry about that but I’m going to try to see the show another time and it sounds like the opening went really great, congratulations! 


JELATO FOR ALL is an exhibition including about 40 local and international artists, in line with the belief that cultural democracy exists and there is a diverse, subjective awareness and appreciation of art. 

The boundaries between high and low culture are created within and upheld by higher echelons of the art world. This division is designed to appeal to pockets rather than hearts, chosen through subjective historical rules, coexisting with financial reasoning, and ultimately creating wealth, hierarchy and exclusion. Belief in this divide is supported by lengthy and complex reasons, essays, reviews, panel discussions, talks, and presentations. Those who participate feel part of a community that accepts them for having these thoughts. Everyone wants to feel part of something. 

We want something bigger than art, a productive ideology of culture and community which does not need to be liked or accepted, but embraces diversity, open-mindedness, and exchange of perspectives. Jelato Love is people supporting culture and Jelato for ALL is an expression from both the geographic and networked art communities surrounding us in the form of an exhibition.

 Artists: Tomas Absolon, Marta Armengol, Andrew Birk, Eric Copeland, Nina Cristante, Rachel De Joode, Gracia de Juan, Fátima de Juan, Bel Fullana, David Goode Hill, Marie Haefner, Stelios Karamanolis, Daif King, Horacio Estefania Lafuente, Saga Landström, Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Dag Lindberg, R. Lord, Miltos Manetas, Ryan Mcmullan, Julià Panadès, Nacho Pezzati, Tula Plumi, Social Practice Mafia, Marta Pujades, Michael Pybus, Sara Regal, Nörä Rënäüd, María José Ribas, Guillermo Rubí, Diego Sanchez Barceló, PaUL Sochacki, Keith Allyn Spencer, Xiuching Tsay, Amos Turner, Rita Vitorelli, RENE Wagner Sports, Sarah Watson. 


Jelato for All installation
Jelato for All, installation view