2015: Three Windoes

This year was dominated by three group exhibitions: Three Rooms, curated by Ché Zara Blomfield for a gallery in Amsterdam, considered a digital spatial awareness with three artists Sara Ludy, Priscilla Tea, and Spiros Hadjidjanos. #WEC (Whole Earth Catalyst), was an evolving exhibition with three panel discussions, co-curated with Ella Goerner opened in April, and Windoes materialised after many years of conversation with artist Ry David Bradley about digital painting.

The Berlin space also hosted a duo show by Lisa Holzer and Chiara Minchio, and a solo show by Keith Allyn Spencer and the online gallery room.thecomposingrooms.com hosted four solo exhibitions by Mai Ueda, Aaron Graham, Sua Yoo, and Nico Princen.

The same year TCR also co-published a book by Gene McHugh as an NFT (before they were called NFT’s).