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Anne Speier, Identity Entity, Installation, 29 April – 15 September 2014 and Mai Ueda: Tea Ceremony with Ready Mades

Anne Speier

29 April – 15 September 2014

Anne Speier’s work was the first work installed inline with the new concept of displaying works called the Showroom, which in keeping with the idea of the Composing Rooms operating in different rooms following the London space the Green Room, and the Hotel Room in Miami. 

The original statement for The Showroom project read that it "aims to work with existing networks, of galleries, artists, academics, collectors and curators, providing an additional space for exhibition and discussion.”

Speier’s work had been exhibited in April 2013 at HHDM (Hinter Haus des Meeres), Vienna an artist-run space founded by Daphne Ahlers, Roland Matthias Gaberz, and Philipp Timischl in April 2012. 

The three works 'Identity Entity, Broken Glass Pudding' depict social interactions in rooms, the characters as collage over photographs of interior environments.

The Showroom aims to encourage interaction in the physical space. No installation views were taken and phones were discouraged. "Focusing on the discursive nature of networks, the Showroom aims to bring critical dialogue back to the exhibition space and refocus attention back on existing artwork, dialogue, etc."

The series of three works provided a reference point for discussions over three tea ceremonies hosted by Mai Ueda. During the first event, a magic accident happened, in which unplanned documentation was taken by the attendee and photographer Adrianna Glaviano on her analogue film camera. 


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Anne Speier, Identity Entity, Broken Glass Pudding 3, 2013 Collage, 150 x 165cm