Material at Welcome Screen London


Welcome Screen, London

28 November 2014 – 04 January 2015

Material is an experiment and analysis of in our engagement with art in the information age. Websites, such as Artsy and Contemporary Art Daily, boast democratisation and accessibility to art and exhibitions via their documented images, but, as photography changed the meaning of painting, the networked image has changed our reception of art, at least via its documented form.

Material consists of many images: .jpgs and .pngs. Screenshots, artwork and related exhibition images gathered over several years are materialised for the exhibition, along with research .pdfs, especially those linked to unauthorised exhibiting making, or exhibitions including of images of artwork. Material is printed, print formats range drastically depending on what is available at minimum cost.

Artwork objects are also present, sourced locally with minimal effort, the works by Jesse Darling, Hella Gerlach, Matthew Johnstone, Rachel De Joode, Daif King, Marlie Mul, Philomene Pirecki, Michael Pybus, Keith Allyn Spencer and Kate Steciw. In many cases the objects have a function, such as Daif King's Google Earth Cap, Michael Pybus's Pikachu Planter Pot, Kate Steciw's Photo Tile, and Marlie Mul's ' XYMEMORY', a USB stick containing PDF files by various artists made for the project encased by marbled expanding foam.

Mai sees the domain name as a poem, content is not so important.

Material also took place on Instagram: @MaterialPunk

Material installation shot