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Rainer Ganahl – Basic Linguistic Services, Basic German sketches

Rainer Ganahl – Basic Linguistic Services, Basic German

August 2014

Since the 90’s Rainer Ganahl has been offering what he calls Basic Linguistic Services, including alongside his 1995 solo show at Philomene Magers in Köln (Cologne).

Ganahl himself speaks multiple languages including Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, English and German. Of this project he explains “Since 1991 I have been working actively and without much of a break with the always very frustrating business of acquiring a so-called 'foreign' language. It is always a walk into a very dark wood with only trees and no path and it takes a long time before we start seeing light. For these Berlin sessions I was invited by the amazing Ché Zara Blomfield and her undefinable space The Composing Rooms”.

Along with several language learning sessions Ganahl hosted cooking lessons of ‘cheap and easy’ foods including Österreichische Palatschinken with Ribieselzwetschkenmarmelade (Austrian-Southern Germany) / Johannesbeerpflaumenmarmelade (German), Marillenknödel, and Vorarlerger Schnaps.

Sessions were held at The Composing Rooms Berlin and at Templehof Flugfeld, Herrfurthstraße entrance Neukölln.



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Basic Linguistic Services, Basic German session:
Wednesday 27 August 2014, 5pm – 7pm