Popular Screen Sizes by Rafaël
Installation view, Popular Screen Sizes, The Green Room

Rafaël Rozendaal – Popular Screen Sizes

7 September – 7 October 2012

For the 6th exhibition in the programme The Green Room presents an interpretation of Rafaël Rozendaal's web based work as an offsite exhibition at Rocco Forte's Brown's Hotel.

To stay true to the formula of online viewing the exhibition has been interpreted to replicate Rozendaal his own working environment. His laptop will be the viewing platform through which the work can be accessed, in his environment, the hotel room.

Rozendaal's first website was designed and uploaded in 2001, enjoying the freedom of the artwork circulating on the internet he continued to produce work for the browser, now produced over 70 domains. These visually compelling websites attract over 15 million unique visits per year.

These sites incorporate interaction, movement and sound, all carefully intertwined to capture the “fine line between something and nothing”, Rozendaal claims “Art freezes things, so you can pause and stare and wonder. To freeze things, simplicity is key, the simpler the better, the more isolated the more focus.”

The accessibility of the platform is paramount for Rozendaal – whom states in his open access ‘Art Website Sales Contract’ under “Obligations [of the] Collector; a. as long as it is technically feasible, keep the website, being part of the Artwork, on-line and accessible to the public; b. always show the Artwork on the latest and most appropriate technologies.”

He relates the movement of art to the browser to the dissemination of music after recording became possible.

For the private view at Rocco Forte's Brown's Hotel Rozendaal, via screen share will work on a new piece of work which will be published at the end of the evening.

During 12-5pm on the following Sundays until 7th October visitors are invited to visit the Brown's Hotel's generously donated suite to spend time looking through Rafaël's websites in their own time.

Exhibitions include; Everything Dies, curated by Vlado Velkov – Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany, In and Out – Tetem, The Netherlands [solo exhibitions] and was invited to present work at DLD (Digital Life Design) Conference, curated by Johannes Fricke & Hans Ulrich Obrist in Germany [all 2012] and the Venice Biennial [2009]. Rafaël Rozendaal's website is: www.newrafael.com


Rafael Rozendaal Popular Screen Sizes
Installation view, Popular Screen Sizes, The Green Room