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Installation view, Possible:Similar:Image Objects, The Green Room

Artie Vierkant – Possible:Similar:Image Objects

23 March – 22 April 2012

The Composing Rooms is pleased to present Artie Vierkant in his first UK solo exhibition. The Green Room gallery will serve as host to works derived from three ongoing projects; Possible Objects, Similar Objects and Image Objects.

In Artie Vierkant's work 'Image Objects' he directly addresses current modes of contemporary technological reproduction and distribution of images. Through altering the documentation of the physical artworks from ‘Image Objects’ and by intervening in their distribution within the cyclical networks of the internet (such as gallery and artist websites) the physical works themselves develop a precious and seemingly scarce element.

Artie's reworked images draw on a tension between our desire for the tactile surfaces of the tangible object and a fascination with the transmutability of the image, within the technological realm. These images transgress the dichotomy between original and document to form distinct artworks in their own right as they proliferate on the internet. In a similar way Vierkant's project Possible Objects also focuses in on and curiously nurtures the potential for the work or idea to be appropriated and/or reproduced.

Parallel to these areas of Artie's practice he has developed Similar Objects a web based work which, using Google's search by image function, finds a group of ‘visually similar’ images. Similar Objects compiles images by their compositional relevance to variable search criteria, thus spilling a result as broad as the internet defines.

Artie Vierkant's recent solo exhibitions include China Art Objects, LA and Club Midnight, Berlin [2011]. Recent group exhibitions include Responsive Eyes curated by Francesca Gavin – Jacob's Island and Bcc – Stadium, New York [both 2012] and Banal Inferno – CCA (Centre forContemporary Arts), Glasgow, The Greater Cloud – NIMk (Netherlands Instituut voor Mediakunst) Amsterdam, * new jpegs * – Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö Sweden, READ/WRITE – 319 Scholes New York and The Invisible Pavilion, curated by Les Liens Invisibles – 54th Biennale di VeneziaVenice [all 2011].

Recent press includes Photo Op – Brian Droitcour on Artie Vierkant, Artforum [March, 2012], Artist Profile, Rhizome, Interview, Humble Arts Foundation, cmdldn Interview by Harry Burkeand Free to Do What? Notes on Curating Contemporary Art After the Internet, Saelan Twerdy [all 2011]. Artie lives and works in New York City. He has an MFA from University of California, SanDiego and a BA from University of Pennsylvania in Fine Arts, Science Technology & Society.


Image Object Sunday 12 February 2012 6.09pm by Artie Vierkant
Artie Vierkant, Image Object Sunday 12 February 2012 6.09pm, edited documentary image 1
Image Object Sunday 12 February 2012 6.09pm by Artie Vierkant
Artie Vierkant, Image Object Sunday 12 February 2012 6.09pm, edited documentary image 2