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Martin Cole, SKY SKY B.C., 2011 video Loop transferred from .gif file (video stills)


6–27 August 2011

Martin Cole, Matthew Johnstone, Daif King

Channel 8 refers to a fictitious digital channel where frequencies are unable to stabilise, creating a sporadic and chaotic series of static image and network sounds.

Matthew Johnstone, Martin Cole and Daif King draw from the Internet, reformulating material to develop their own digital creations as film, digital illustration and 'painting' then reintroducing it to the same cyclical network where it is free to be redistributed and reused.

By reediting, recreating and reformulating digital substance Johnstone, Cole and King create a wide range of obvious references to familiar artworks specific to painterly abstraction that is a reoccurring theme for this exhibition.

Along with the exhibition there will be a ‘CHANNEL 8’ web page created by Martin Cole accessible by visiting

Matthew Johnstone currently works in London and completed his MFA in Art Practice from Goldsmiths College in 2010. His work comprises video accompanied by compositions of 2D and 3D works. Johnstone has exhibited in group shows including; Proto-Bla, Elevator Gallery [2011], Filmstationen, Copenhagen [2011], Open End, TANK TV. Annual selection [2010], Hackgold, SPACE Gallery [2009], Lobby, Hales Gallery [2007] and Majestic, presented by Run Gallery at Whitechapel Gallery [2006]. Matthew Johnstone was also commissioned for the Public Sculpture ‘ARC’ for Heathrow Terminal 5 in 2006 and was recently reviewed in Art Selector for his duo show at Elevator.

Berlin based British artist Martin Cole is personally dubbed ‘The Ultimate Illustrator’ and works predominantly with Photoshop creating GIF and image for web and print. Martin has exhibited in Europe including BYOB, Venice Biennale [2011], Martin Cole (solo), Galerie Delko, Rennes [2011], D&AD New Blood London [2010], Christies – Frieze Art Fair [2010] and Beefmater Gallery, Portland [2009] since graduating from Swindon University and being awarded ‘Graphic Designer of the Year’ in 2008.

Martin has been followed by Dazed and Confused, It's Nice That, Blu Magazine, Sweet & Sound and been named one of "Qompendium's 100 Illustrators to watch" and worked for clients including Nike.

Daif King is an artist and musician based in Auckland, New Zealand. In his recent work he uses digital rendering to create ‘paintings’ which intentionally draw on broad references from Romanticism and Abstraction. Kings work has been included in exhibitions including; (solo) Camp A Low Hum Gallery [2011], The Corridor to Success, The Composing Rooms, London [2010], Depth Metal (solo), High Seas Gallery, Auckland, [2009] and performances at Artspace, Auckland [2008]. Daif studied Fine Arts at the University of Auckland.


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Martin Cole, LOTTERY.gif, 2011