Repeat Pattern Installation
Repeat Pattern installation view

Repeat Pattern

28 March – 20 April 2013

Simon Denny, Matthew Johnstone, Daif King, Katja Novitskova, Sybil Prentice, Ashlin Raymond, Carissa Rodriguez, Mason Vincent.

In October 2012 I recognized a similar form in the work of two artists working concurrently. I tweeted “Valentin Carron vs Aleksandra Domanovic” with an image of their works. (1) Both artists, at the same time choose to reference the 1963 works ‘Three Fists’ by Ivan Sabolić.

The proposition “. . .we have reached a point where the endless reproduction of the same is all we have left” (2) was written by Joseph Gergel as a response to artists' exploration of stock imagery during the last decade. But this isn't where it stops, work is reconstituted in a different way, regardless of the original form being an “original” or an appropriation, newness is (re)introduced: meaning is reevaluated.

Whilst typing this press release, March 2013, Daif King emailed me musing “has anyone made this? I feel like they have already haha” regarding his only-just-photoshopped “sculpture”, does the answer lie in Google's Similar Image search?

“With acute self-awareness, art often doubles back on itself, recedes and recycles, changes the rules mid-game in order to escape its plotted trajectory. It forgoes time and taste and repeats itself – not unlike music, film and fashion.” – Ry David Bradley (3)

Artists in Repeat Pattern are exploring what is contemporary: they use and explore what is ubiquitous, what is commercially and visually consumable with acute self-awareness. Contemporary artists aren't only expected to know in detail, what came before, but also what is current. Art is conscious of contemporary art. Thus, propelled by constantly shifting social and cultural expectations, and an awareness of art in its totality: repetitions are rendered clear, purposefully. Noting the past in order to continue.

In an attempt to proceed in an all aware, all encompassing discussion, artists in Repeat Pattern explore ubiquitous materials and tropes, the ephemeral materiality of recursive trends, interests and references.


Open Shape by Alex Dolan
Carissa Rodriguez ‘ACOPYLYPTIC / wave of sobs’, 2012, Original music by Gobby (UNO Records, NYC) for Carissa Rodriguez, running time: 6:36 minutes, digital mp3 file
Open Shape by Alex Dolan
Matthew Johnstone, AAW VIII PRNGL, 2012 (left, background) 135 x 155 cm, edition of 2 & Dawn Marble (Ashlin Raymond), Got the Life: Portable Protection, 2013 (right, foreground) brushed cotton, stretch tulle, custom embroidery