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Woods of Arcady, 2010, Film Still, 3min57sec

Jon Rafman – мυ¢н нανє ι τяανєℓℓє∂ ιη τнє яєαℓмѕ σƒ gσℓ∂

30 November 2012 – 13 January 2013

In Jon Rafman's enchanting and hypnotic films incorporating virtual representations of classical, medieval and romantic landscapes, modernist themes of nostalgia and alienation, yearning and loss emerge.

His films evoke the passage of time, portraying a world in which iconic historical images become floating signifiers emptied of their original meaning. The interactions of every-day life are denied entry here in favour of an ideal interchange between dead dreams and future hopes.

Solo exhibitions include; Mirror Sites – International Art Objects Galleries and M+B Gallery, Los Angeles, Nine Eyes of Google Street View – Angell Gallery, Toronto, BNPJ MMXII, American Medium, New York and The Nine Eyes of Google Streetview, Saatchi Gallery, London [all 2012]. Group exhibitions include; Collective Identity – Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) [both 2012], *new jpegs*, Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmo [2011] and Free – New Museum, New York [2010].

Rafman's work has been featured in Modern Painters, Frieze, The New York Times, The Guardian and the Independent.

(Exhibition closed 23rd & 30th December).


In the Realm of Gold, 2012, 4min58sec

Woods of Arcady, 2010, 3min57sec

Jon Rafman
Deities and Demigods, Film Still, 2011, 3min49sec