The Composing Rooms
Goethestraße 2, 10623 Berlin
1. O.G, Aufgang D

Friday - Saturday 12-6pm


Ché Zara Blomfield

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TCR's was founded in London, 2010 to host projects as collaborations, exhibitions, talks, events, music and publications, lead by curator Ché Zara Blomfield.

The Green Room was the 2012 program of solo exhibitions in London, supported by Arts Council England.

The HQ relocated to Berlin in 2013 and the online exhibition space 'room' opened in 2014.

Solo Exhibitions:
Ry David Bradley*
Petra Cortright
Nina Cristante*
Harm van den Dorpel
Aaron Graham
Matthew Johnstone
Daif King
Rachel Lord*
Sara Ludy
Jon Rafman
Rafaël Rozendaal
Anne Speier
Keith Allyn Spencer
Kate Steciw
Priscilla Tea
Artie Vierkant
Anne de Vries
Sua Yoo
*upcoming 2016

Special projects:
Jesse Darling
Ella Görner
Rainer Ganahl
Michael Pybus
Jasper Spicero
Mai Ueda