16 October 2011

Cécile Emmanuelle Borra, Kathryn Ferguson, Daniel David Freeman, Matthew Johnstone, Sophie Michael, Kadeem Oak, Clifford Sage, Anastasia Shin, Daniel Swan, Tim Steer, Amalia Ulman, Tobias Zehntner.

BYOB // Multi Channel

Multi Channel was a one night event displaying multiple video works simultaneously, incorporating Rafael Rozendaal's BYOB.
Projectors are hosted by the respective artist, enabling their video works to transform the space.
The works in their togetherness create an environment that acts as a reflection to the high content of visual media in London.

BYOB took place at Rich Mix's Lower gallery to coincide with the closing of Frieze Art Fair.

PRESS: Sang Bleu Interview

6 - 27 August 2011
Martin Cole, Matthew Johnstone, Daif King

Press Release (PDF)

Daif King, Cooler Arm, 2011
20 x 13 cm, Giclée print on watercolour paper, edition of 3 +AP

Daif King, Grid Blob, 2011
17.5 x 13 cm, Giclée print on watercolour paper
edition of 3 +AP


(all .gif's) by Martin Cole, 2011, thecomposingrooms.com/CHANNEL8

Daif King, blob face, 2011
16 x 16.5 cm, Giclée print on watercolour paper, edition of 3 +AP

Installation view, Daif King

Daif King, Log and Ice, 2011
20 x 15 cm, Giclée print on watercolour paper, edition of 3 +AP

Installation view, Martin Cole

Installation view, Martin Cole, Matthew Johnstone

Matthew Johnstone, Monumental Future, 2011
83 x 125 cm, Gilceé print mounted on Dibond

Matthew Johnstone, DATABLOC/Techno23/2011

Matthew Johnstone, ROADZ1/Techno23/2011

Martin Cole, LIDL, 2011
32 x 45 cm, Laser print on 300 GSM gloss card, (framed in plastic slip)

Martin Cole, SKY SKY B.C., 2011
video Loop transferred from .gif file (video stills)

Matthew Johnstone, Pinched, 2011
123cm x 100 cm x 80 cm, newspaper, packing tape, Modrock and Plastercine sitting on gloss print of video still from TECHNO 23

Installation view, Matthew Johnstone (TECHNO 23, Pinched)